Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Book #3 - City of the Dead by Brian Keene


City of the Dead picks up where Brian Keene's previous novel, The Rising, left off. And like The Rising had much in common with Stephen King's Cell, City of the Dead has similarities to George Romero's Land of the Dead, namely a group of survivors holed up in a skyscraper, which is controlled by a once-powerful businessman turned madman, and zombies who are able to think for themselves and decide to overtake the building. Both of Keene's books were published before their counterparts.

If you're passionate about the zombie horror genre, and are willing to let the traditional rules (like slow moving zombies with no brain activity) slide, you'll enjoy this book. While it's gorier and slower-paced than the first book, the setting and the storyline are more interesting, and the ending is exciting and unexpected.

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